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Scott Walker unconvincing as national spokesman for gerrymandering

OUR VIEW: He wants to fight in court for partisan advantage, but Iowa's model is best Read more

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Commentary: With chaos in the streets of Iran, here's how the US could help the Iranian people

Once again Iranians have flooded their country's streets to participate in widespread protests sparked by gasoline price hikes, only to be met by a brutal crackdown. But clearly the unrest was about more than the price of gas, reflecting deeper frustration and anger over the general economic malaise caused by a corrupt, repressive government and punishing U.S. sanctions. During the protests, ... Read more


Commentary: The only thing that isn't in dispute on impeachment is the facts

Republicans and Democrats disagree on just about every point being made during the impeachment inquiry triggered by President Trump's July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Yet on the central facts of the case, there is essentially no dispute. That's why the process is hurtling forward at a velocity that seems remarkable to George Washington University law professor ... Read more


Commentary: GOP strategist Rick Wilson on Trump's 'loud, messy, ugly' 2020 campaign

When a fresh news poll finds that a majority of Republicans believe that Donald Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln was, what's an old-school, never-Trump Republican to do? For Rick Wilson, it's more of the same, with even more fire and fury - talking on television, and writing another book. The new one, "Running Against the Devil," is out next month, and in it, the veteran GOP ... Read more