leetemplates.com is a staging and showcase site for the latest Lee Design System blocks. These standard blocks should be used without modifications on all Lee sites.

Block management

All Lee Design System blocks use the [LeeDS] prefix.

Any potential updates to the query, appearance, or placement of a [LeeDS] block should be tested on leetemplates.com. Updated blocks can then be versioned and distributed to live sites.


Version numbers are used to keep track of when a block was last updated.

Version numbers should be in the format v[Release].[Month].[Day].

For example, if a change is made to the initial release version of [LeeDS] Letter to the Editor submit on 5/16, v1.5.16 would be added in the block's description field.

Site updates

Blox does not provide a system for automated deployment of block instances.

To get the latest version of a [LeeDS] block, you'll need to first delete the old version from your block library. Then, search the leetemplates.com library for the updated block, export it, and import it into your library. Placement should be automatic. Any local query or placement changes will be overridden when a new standard version of the block is imported. If localization is needed, simply clone the block and remove the lee-design-system prefix and tag.

You can also search using version numbers to see which blocks have been updated recently. For example, a search for for tag:lee-design-system v1.5.16 would find any blocks updated on 5/16, and tag:lee-design-system v1.5 would return all blocks updated in the month of May.

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