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The 12 best things to do in Vancouver

To help make your trip a memorable one, we rounded up some of the best things to do in Vancouver. Read more

Crunch time for air travel consumers

Over the next few weeks, congressional negotiations on the final version of the FAA Reauthorization legislation will determine the outcome of some critically important consumer issues. The House version passed several months ago, and the focus now is on the Senate. The House bill and the current... Read more

Taking the Kids -- for an outdoor adventure in Breckenridge

It was a day of firsts in Breckenridge, Colorado. It was the first time 4- year-old twins from Minneapolis saw mountains. "Just that is exciting," said their mom, Sarah Fessler. Read more

Pomp and consequence: Visiting 20th-century fascist sites

The sweeping impact of fascism in the 20th century can be felt to this day in the many monuments and memorials across Europe that remind us of those horrific years. You can trace fascism's roots to the turbulent aftermath of World War I, where masses of angry people rose up, and their charismatic leaders... Read more

Go Away With ... James Lee

Not long after James Lee celebrated his 27th birthday, the Royal Pirates bassist was involved in a freak accident in Seoul that nearly severed his hand and left it permanently damaged. No longer able to feel the strings of his bass, he quit his band and returned home to California, where he was born and... Read more

Taking the Kids -- Disneyland: All about Pixar, even the food

Sydnie Hilliard was on a mission on this hot summer day-- her last at Disneyland Resort’ s new Pixar Pier. The Northern California teen, 14, had already ridden the new Incredicoaster, Disneyland's longest and fastest. That was fun, she explained, but this trip-- her seventh-- had a different focus-- the food. Read more

Go Away With ... David Foster

Los Angeles-based composer and producer David Foster is not one to rest on his laurels. The Grammy Award-winning musician-- who has worked with artists such as Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston-- is also an avid philanthropist. He created the David Foster Foundation to assist Canadian... Read more

Photos: Crafting clairin, rum's rustic cousin

An inside look at the rustic world of Haitian clairin production. Read more

7 bucket list trips you can do on a budget

When it comes to travel, the term "bucket list" can be synonymous with "budget-busting." Sure, some bucket-list candidates, like safaris or… Read more

10 tips for responsible camping

Camping can be a blast, but following best practices is key to having an experience that's both enjoyable and safe for often fragile enviro… Read more

'Best' frequent Flyer Program: myth and reality

Travel publications are fond of publishing "best" lists-- best airlines, best airports, best hotels, best restaurants. You name it and someone will rate it. But many, if not most, such ratings ignore two fundamental flaws: interchangeability and personalization. Read more

Consolidator tickets -- what you need to know

Consolidator tickets are an insiders' secret for low airfares. For years, some writers have been fobbing that legend, and the "insider" and "secret" parts definitely fail a fact check. But consolidator tickets sometimes are a good deal, so here are answers to six key questions you might have. Read more

Car rental bad behavior

"The U.S. rental car industry has a negative attitude about its responsibility to consumers," concludes a recent report from Judge Thomas Dickerson, a conclusion derived from his careful review of a series of lawsuits. As one of the nation's top experts in travel law, Judge Dickerson is an unimpeachable... Read more

Scenic and historic U.S. public transit rides

Public transit operates mainly for local commuting, shopping and school trips. But some of those ordinary transit trips can be spectacular for visitors, too. Transit prices are a lot less than rates for commercial sightseeing, and you aren't forced to stop at schlocky souvenir shops. Read more

Foreign payments: Dos and don'ts

If you're heading outside the United States this summer, you will likely have to cope with foreign currencies. And despite all those "insider tips" you see, what you need to know is really pretty simple. If you're careful, you can cut your maximum loss to 1 percent. Read more