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Take 2: What's the most pressing offseason concern for Bears?

Pro Football Weekly GM Hub Arkush and lead Bears writer Bob LeGere debate what is the club's most pressing offseason concern: Read more

Edholm: Dominant trench play this postseason is the trend being overlooked

Everyone’s natural instinct now is to look for trends in the league. Those that define the NFL playoffs. Trends that have shaped the offseason coaching cycle. The ones we’ll spend all offseason talking about as the new way of the NFL. Read more

Matt Nagy masterminded Chicago Bears turnaround

In Matt Nagy’s first year as a head coach, he guided the Bears to their second-biggest single-season turnaround since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. Read more

College football in review: highs and lows of 2018-19 season

Clemson captured its second national championship in college football during the past three seasons. Here's a look at how 10 teams fared in… Read more

Videos: Syracuse knocks off No. 1 Duke: Breaking down the latest in sports

Check out these videos breaking down the latest news and action in sports, including a look at Syracuse's upset of top-ranked Duke 95-91 in… Read more

Carson Wentz has a lot to prove and the Eagles QB knows it

Nearly a year ago, it would have been hard to find someone who didn't think the Eagles would have still won the Super Bowl had it been Carson Wentz and not Nick Foles at quarterback. But the opposite could probably be said this season about the Eagles' late-season charge into the playoffs and their first-round victory. They needed a change and Foles was just the instrument. But was there any ... Read more

'I want to give back': Man who became a sensation helping Chiefs player has hard past

Busy, busy Dave Cochran is going to talk while he drives. He's tooling along Monday afternoon in his old Chevy Suburban, which just had new windows installed where he'd previously covered the openings with black plastic bags. And he's talking on a cellphone that someone just set up for him. Because strangers are suddenly doing many things for Dave, who has recently become a sensation in Kansas ... Read more

A Bears pursuit of Kareem Hunt would be at odds with Matt Nagy's 'high character' mantra

Last week as Bears coach Matt Nagy hosted exit interviews with players, vetted candidates to replace defensive coordinator Vic Fangio and began recovering from a playoff loss he called "sickening," he made time for a phone call. He reached out to former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt, whom he coached in Hunt's rookie season in Kansas City in 2017. In the year since the pair worked together, ... Read more

Larry Stone: Russell Wilson contract extension may sting for Seahawks, but not as much as alternative

As the Seahawks enter what they ruefully believe is a premature offseason, numerous contractual matters hang over their future. But one looms largest. And like a giant wave building off shore, it will grow in size and speed - and possibly menace - as next season approaches. Eventually, by the middle of spring, this particular negotiation will become the NFL's premier drama (or perhaps ... Read more

Hub Arkush: Kareem Hunt in navy and orange might be tough to envision but not ruled out

Pop quiz time, folks: what was the one common denominator the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints all shared in their divisional playoff games that has all four now getting ready for conference title game… Read more