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Commentary: Despite Senate win, net neutrality rules near death: Send no flowers

Supporters of the FCC's neutrality rules just won a close one, prevailing in a razor-close Senate vote to save them from repeal. The pro-regulation crowd now finds itself in the position of the proverbial dog that caught the car. What to do next? It's too big to eat, and too small to live in. The official line from the supporters – who see themselves in almost biblical terms as saviors of the ... Read more

Commentary: Sports wagering has an unlikely foe

This week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of an issue that seems to be nearing a tipping point in terms of public acceptance: sports betting. But will it be enough to overcome staunch opposition from those who stand to lose the most? Time will tell. Back in 2011, New Jersey voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to their state constitution to allow sports betting in the Garden State and ... Read more

Commentary: Necco Wafers and the capitalist algorithm

News that the New England Confectionery Co. may go under, after more than a century in business, sent shock waves through the candy world. Those who adore the company's chalky, multicolored Necco Wafers are snapping up cases. A Florida woman offered to trade her car for the remaining stock. I can understand the collective freakout. Heck, I wrote a whole book about the confectionery industry ... Read more